It's Me!

I was born on January 16, 1986. I've been very curious all my life, and all the things have usually happened very fast to me, therefore I think that the urge of seeing the big world was the reason that made me come to this world a whole month early.

For the first month of my life I was completely silent. My grandmother told me that I was a slim tiny girl with very long and bluish fingers and toes. But soon I started to show everybody the real power of my voice, and since then my family and neighbors were forced to spend their nights listening to my emotional songs…

Aija was six years old, when she watched TV and noticed: "Dad, that lady is singing out of tune!" Dad listened carefully and he had to agree: "Yes, indeed!" The lady was Liza Minelli, but Aija's Dad - Alex, the vocalist of legendary Latvian hard rock band "Opus Pro". It's a small, but very significant life episode,  that describes Aija's way of living. She's always been extremely persistent and has searched for improvement becoming one of the most vivid Latvian singers.

Aija's musical activities started very early. When she was 5, she gained 2nd place in Latvia's young vocalist competition, in the age of 11 Aija participated in a flutists competition, but a year later she debited as a brass orchestra conductor! Aija has grown up with the music of “Guns N'Roses” and “Metallica”, therefore rock music has always been very close to her heart. At the age of 14 the young singer had been invited to sing in a real rock band, but her rock star career ended very soon as Aija missed the very first rehearsal. At that time her father said: "You will perform on the stage only when you are able to sing no worse than Janis Joplin." And from then on Aija was doing her best to carry out this task.

There is a reason why Aija has been called a little bomb - her energy, cheerfulness and lightness of spirit on the stage hypnotizes and literally takes everybody's breath away. Aija has performed together with the most popular Latvian musicians, including Maestro Raimonds Pauls, who has also acknowledged Aija's magnificent voice and charisma. As an actress she has taken part in several plays and TV series, participated in singing and dancing TV shows becoming a favorite of the viewers, and she has also been a TV hostess herself. As one of the most remarkable moment of her career Aija mentions her trip to Afghanistan, where she was performing for soldiers.

In 2008 Aija releases one of the most popular albums of the time, but the following two years are the most successful in her career.

In 2009 Aija Andrejeva successfully represents Latvia in the international contest of young pop singers “New Wave 2009” - Aija gains 4th place and becomes the viewer’s sympathy! For Aija this singing contest is a great opportunity to show herself to the foreign audience. In the same year Aija’s third studio album called “Dvēselīte” is released.

In 2010 Aija becomes the winner of the national “Eurovision Song Contest” with a song titled “What For?” and represents Latvia in “Eurovision Song Contest” in Oslo, Norway. After “Eurovision Song Contest” Aija goes to Sweden and represents her country in another international song contest called "Baltic Song Contest". This time the young singer gains 1st place!

After all this success Aija doesn’t stop – she is ready for new challenges and musical experiments. At the end of 2010 while preparing for Christmas tour “Kur saputināts miers”, Aija creates a song titled “Kamoliņš” together with a good friend and great musician Kaspars Ansons. This is the first single from Aijas new album which is expected to be released in spring of 2012.